MuSiege PvP 36 Players
MuSiege NO PvP 1 0 Players
MuSiege NO PvP 2 2 Players
Vip System is ON!

Donate option is on!

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MuSiege Season 3 Ep1

Tournament With Big Prizes!

Grand reset Tournament

First player who reaches 200 grand resets will receive 10 $ and 3 weeks of vip 

Second place will get 3 weeks vip

Third place will get 2 weeks vip

have to command in discord group #register-to-tournament with YourName in Game. goodluck all

Published by Administrator, July 21, 2021

UPDATE 21/7/21

Hi Siegers,
After our database got hacked we came back stronger and more secured ..
We now have daily backup and and also new server and db protection ..
The hacker deleted almost all of our back ups ..
We successfully recovering only data until 21/06/2021

Please notice,
If your account did not exist can open a new one
And enjoy for 3 credits per reset and 3 credits per online hour,
And grand reset will be 250 credits for 1 week

If you bought special sets / vip / credits for cash - please contact Bar.

For free world players only (vip users can create new account)

Published by Administrator, July 21, 2021

Credits And VIP are now available to purchase

Credits And VIP are now available to purchase .

Credits Buy URL:
Click Here

Click Here

make sure you are disconnecting from the server before performing and kind of purchasing

Published by Administrator, July 21, 2021

Update New Sets and Items!

Season 4 Sets + Fenrir Added to X store!

PvP Fix 

Castle Siege Damage fix

Refine fix


GrandReset=400Credits [100reset]

goodluck all.

Published by Administrator, June 16, 2021

Guild Packs is ON!

Hello Players , We are now offering Guild Package
Minimum of 12 members

Guild Master
Dragon Knight Set+13+All Options+ 7%+Swords+Pendent+Rings+Shield+Fenrir!

Assistant Master : Leather set or Same level Set
Option is 13+Full Options+7%+Wings+Swords+Pendent+Rings+Shield!

Battle Master : Leather set or same level 
+13+Full Options+7%+Wings+Swords+Pendent+Rings+Shield!

All members

Leather set or same level
+13+Full Options+7%+Wings+Swords+Pendent+Rings!

for details join our discord!

Published by Administrator, June 15, 2021