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Closed ATM

Closed ATM . 27/9/21 Server will shutdown. Maybe we will back soon.

Published by Administrator, September 25, 2021

Server Information

Welcome to MuSiege 

Season 4

Exp : 1500x

Max Stats 32767

Drop 30%

Location : Europe


Command /post in every room.
- To use the command just use /post your message

/evo command
- Evolve your character for the next classes.

/reset command
- Resets your character. To use the command you need Level, in this case 400.

Command /reset auto
- It is only enabled for vip.
* How it works? Use /reset auto 32767 32767 32767 32767, in the case of Dark Lord /reset auto 32767 32767 32767 32767 32767.
* With this command the character resets in the same place.

/ware command
- To use /ware and the ware number.
Example: /ware 0 | /ware 1 .
Free = 1
VIP = 30

/openware command
- Open Bau in Safezone, anywhere.

/help command
- Summona 5 Monsters to help the beginner level up.

/attack command
- Command used to make your character attack (Can only be used outside the safe area).

Examples of attack, if you want to level with a specific spell.


/attack 9 1 (Evil Spirit)
/attack 14 1 (Hell)
/attack 17 1 (Energy ball)
/attack 39 1 (Ice Storm)


/attack 41 1 (Twist Slash)
/attack 43 1 (Death Stab)


/attack 55 1 (Fire Slash)
/attack 56 1 (Power Slash)
/attack 237 1 (Lightning Storm)


/attack 24 1 (Triple shot)
/attack 235 1 (Multi Shot)
/attack 28 1 (Buffs only)


/attack 60 1 (Force)
/attack 61 1 (Fire Burst)
/attack 78 1 (Fire Scream)
/attack 238 1 (Chaotic Diseier)

/offattack command
-Have you thought about leaving the character at night with the PC turned off?
-You just Position yourself in the spot, and activate the /attack, the character will start attacking the nearby monsters, Now just activate the /offattack
-After you have activated, it will give this message that this Reconnecting, that means it is active, Ready Now you can close the mu or even turn off the PC that the character will be leveling!
-This command is exclusive to VIP users.

Reward Online Users
- Every 1 hour the Online player earns Siege Coins.
Free 2

Announce Chaos Mix
- It is announced on every server when someone has success or failure on the chaos machine, from +0 to +15.

Npc Collector
- Currently in Mu Siege, the NPC Collector is located in Noria at 192/108.
- The only way to get Dollar in the game. Collect 64 Creation's and exchange for 1 Dollar.

Guild Warehouse
- After creating the guild, the guild gains a Bau, where the Guild Masters have access to it by clicking on the NPC that creates guild in Devias on the 215/44

/pick command
- This command is exclusive to Vip Users.
/pick chaos
/pick soul
/pick zen
/pick creation

Online Raffle
- Every 1 Hour there will be a draw in Lorencia worth 10 Siege Points

/pk command
- Removes all PKs from the character

/request off commands | /request on | /auto request
/request off <== Refuse Party, Trade and other things sent by the player
/request on <== Accepts Party, Trade and other things sent by the player
/request auto <== Automatically accepts Party and other things sent by the player

/info command
- Displays player information online.
Example: /info Bar

/readd command
- redistributes the points already added by the player.

Command /store Bless | /store Soul | /store Chaos
/store chaos : Store by Chaos
/store bless : Store by Bless
/store soul : Store by Soul

/lock and /unlock command
/lock [pwd] : Lock account items with a password
/unlock [pwd] : Unlocks account items
PS. Don't forget your password.

/pack and /unpack command
Jewel Pack
/pack [jewel] [10,20,30] : Pack jewelry
/unpack [jewel] [10,20,30] : Unpack jewelry
Jewels: blessing, soul, life, creation, guardian, gem, harmony and chaos

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